Motor Rewind and Repair

A.C/D.C Motor/Alternator Rewind, Overhaul and Repair

0.18KW to 10MW A.C Machines

110V to 11KV A.C

Fully certificated specialist repairs on EEXD/EX/MEX motors

Large spectrum of  D.C machines

Alternator rewind/overhaul/repair

Transformer rewind/overhaul/repair

2.75m x 2.75m Stoving facility

Vacuum pressure impregnation

Motor/Alternator Testing

Flash testing

Insulation Resistance

Polarised index test


Surge comparison test

IMCA (induction motor current analyser)

Flux test for core integrity


Dynamic balancing

Vibration analysis

On line condition monitoring

Laser aligning

Rotor shaft recovery

Stator casing refurbishment


Failure analysis and diagnosis

Redesign/up rate capability

Innovative repair strategy

Atex inspection

Supply new and reconditioned motors of all sizes

24Hr customer support